So, I missed Miscellany Monday…

… but I am going to be miscellaneous anyway!

My beautiful been-through-so-much-together friend and heart-sister is married! I do not have an opposite-matching picture to go with this one yet… but will soon :)

We were away from Eli overnight for only the second time since he was born. I think I missed him more than he missed me. My mom and little sister stayed with him. We left during nap-time on Sunday and came home after he had gone to bed on Monday, so he woke up with us there in the morning on Tuesday. I’m not sure whether I am glad that he did so well or sad that he didn’t seem to be happier than normal to see me! Hmm…

Hair spray and I are not friends. Not friends at all.

Curling irons and my thick, long hair are also not friends. The curls stayed this time, thanks to my crunchier-than-autumn-leaves hair-sprayed hair… but my goodness it took forever – the hair stylist was actually trying to inlist her hair-styling neighbors to grab an extra curling iron and come help her curl.

Manicures and I? Not friends. I’m too fidgety. I think I have six layers of polish on my left thumb nail because I just couldn’t seem to go 5 minutes without messing it up.

Pedicures and I? Friends :)


I love new socks.

I have new socks.

My feet are happy :)


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