funky drawers, re-purposed!

Our bathroom was the next thing to get hit by my newfound crazy we-can-change-the-home-so-we-actually-love-being-here bug.

Recently I read Nester‘s post on using drawers as decoration. (I love Nester’s blog. Please go visit!) As soon as I read that post, I immediately started looking at all of the drawers in our house, trying to figure out which one I could hang on the wall, and for what. But most of our drawers are rather large… not to mention most of them are full and serving their purpose as, well, drawers.

Then I realized that there are these small (unused) drawers in a vanity we have… but they are kinda funkily shaped because the vanity is curved.

And then suddenly one day when I hadn’t realized that not only was the toilet paper roll empty but it had been the last one left in the bathroom, I had this strange urge to store all of our toilet paper in an easy-to-reach (even if you are already on the toilet) location instead of in our linen closet… like maybe on the wall?

Oooh, those funky drawers!

It fits in an awkward space above our toilet. Yup, I think I love it :)

Now I just need to figure out what to do with the empty spaces that the drawers left!

P.S. I can’t believe I actually put pictures of our bathroom on here! HA!


12 thoughts on “funky drawers, re-purposed!

  1. I love it, too!!! We have a little thing w/ a flip-up lid above ours to hold extra rolls, too. Great job and smart idea!!

  2. Found you over on iheartorganizing in a comment thread…this is a fabulous idea – reusing drawers for a shelf/storage on the wall. Way to be creative! Love it!

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