a failed attempt…

I made a candle holder this week. (It was one of the things in my post of ideas that I wanted to try). Thing is… see that picture up there? I am literally holding it together with my fingers. And here’s why: hot glue. Hot glue melts, people. Blah.

Hot glue also does not like to stick to glass candle holders. So, before I discovered (ummm, remembered) that hot glue will not stay solid when warmed, to fix the hotglue + glass = no-can-do problem, I wrapped white tissue paper around the candle holder (one layer) and hot glued the edges together, overlapping where they met – kind of making a tissue paper sleeve for my candle holder. Then I hot glued the twigs onto the tissue paper. The above picture is what it looked like on one side. Here is what it looked like on the other side:

I purposely left space there, because I thought it looked pretty.

The problem? Whenever the candle inside is lit for more than, oh, 3 minutes, the hot glue holding everything together gets soft, then melts, and then the tissue paper unwraps itself. Blah.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make it stay???

At least my second time making birdseed biscuits worked just as well as the first time! This time they are favors for my friend’s bridal shower, with orange, red, and brown ribbons.

It is Friday. And my world (or is it me?) is starting to relax a little. I hope you do, too.

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19 thoughts on “a failed attempt…

  1. I love this idea and am thinking…hmm…I’ve seen this type of design before but I think they were melted into a pillar candle. I love the seed hearts, such a great idea! (seen at sneak peek)

  2. Okay, I’m so sorry but this is funny to me…I would do the same thing. SO! not a craft person here BUT! I want to be. :) What would happen if you tried super glue? I wonder if that would hold but maybe then the whole candle would explode or something terrible so maybe you should light the thing outside away from small children and animals. LOL!

    Love! Love! Love your bird seed things.

  3. There is a really awesome glue out there called E6000, (its available at any craft store). It’s used in jewelry making and is super strong. Super glue might absorb right into the sticks because they are so porous. When gluing use a rubber band or string to tie the sticks down until the glue fully dries. Hope this helps!

  4. I was going to suggest plain ole elmers glue with the tissue.(using a rubber band to hold together until dried? Also a pretty strand of raffia or twine used as a bow might be a pretty addition?

  5. I was thinking E6000 too! OR, there is another very strong glue, that dries clear, called Ultimate Glue…it doesn’t smell like E6000 but it takes longer to bond, so hold the sticks to the holder with a rubber band or a raffia tie (that you could keep on if you wanted). I love all your crafty fall creations!

  6. i love the idea of the candle holder, i think if you get the right glue it would look pretty. The heart of seeds looks sweet though.Greetings from South Africa.

  7. I have seen this done before and thought they used hot glue too… I never even gave it a thought that the glue would melt! lol Goodness! Hmm… my first thought is to use something to tie around the sticks to hold them in place, something like ribbon or twine maybe? Love the birdseed biscuits! Too cute! So glad you joined us ‘in the studio’!

  8. Its not unusual to err while creating thing…. Its nice how you share them on ur blog! I’m not sure if superglue would work with glass and wood. I dont think they react to heat either.

  9. I have seen this idea and never thought about the hot glue melting! So crazy! I have no idea what would be a good substitute. Love your birdseed biscuits!

  10. I have seen this done with twigs and the technique used was this: Place a large, tight fitting rubber band around container. Slide twigs under rubber band to desired fullness. Then use twine or fabric scraps like torn muslin, etc. to wrap and cover the band. Tie or knot to finish. A wrap of twine might look really nice, a rustic band around your candle holder. Pottery Barn had some twine wrapped candle holders in a fall catalog last year. Thanks for the reminder; I might have to make some myself :)

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