It’s Wednesday

It’s Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday and I’m tired.

It’s Wednesday and I’m tired and it’s raining…. which makes me more tired.

It’s Wednesday and I’m tired and it’s raining and because it would be weird and slightly uncomfortable for him to arrive to work soaking wet on a scooter, my husband took the car today.

And the stroller is in the car.

So I’m stuck.


‘Cause the ground is wet and although my 11-month-old would very much like to go outside (as he does everyday), I don’t want to sit on wet ground.

So I’ve been doing lots of laundry. As in, so far I’ve dried 3 but only folded 2 out of the 5 loads that I need to do.

Have I ever mentioned that laundry is what I procrastinate in most? I’ve tried tidying up my laundry space and making it look pretty, with that basket up there (because before the top of our dryer was a huge lint-y mess with more-than-laundry stuff up there… which I guess it still is because the toolbox is there now, too…. *deep breath*) …. and I “tidied up” our closet and changed how I organize things in there, too and it’s helped a little. Like maybe I hate doing laundry 3% less now…

I should make a sign like this. There’s even some empty wall space in my “laundry room” (which is really just the space between the kitchen, garage door, and basement door which could really be better used as a pantry area, but I’d never do laundry if the washer and dryer were in the basement anyway…).

So today is officially laundry day. And today is take-it-slow day. I am consciously trying not to multitask… because although sometimes multitasking can be a blessing, I am finding lately that it is actually my weakness. Mutitasking was a necessity at times during those first few months of being a mama (you know, hold the baby while you eat lunch, hold the baby while you read, hold/bounce the inconsolable baby while you make coffee) (I am not complaining… I am thankful, in a way, that my son was only happy being held over my left shoulder, even though in a lot of ways those first few months were so hard, because I look back now and am so thankful for all of those uninterrupted hours of holding him)… but the necessity became a habit, and now I am more distracted, less focused, and less aware… less living. 

I don’t like it.

So today I am allowing myself to only do one thing at a time.

Have you ever noticed multitasking being a weakness rather than a strength?

(P.S. I am so sorry for the rambling and riddled-with-long-parentheses post… but I am tired… so today I am just not going to go back and fix it. You get the “raw” me. Ha.)


3 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday

  1. I know all about Wednesday’s and being tired! — And we’re a one vehicle family so I know what it’s like to have to stay close to home too. Hope you get the rest you need!

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