I have WAY to many ideas of things to make with tree branches. I have two sticks laying on my counter right now waiting to be used for something and I think visitors might think I am crazy.

tree branch art


Sock monkey hat
… I don’t know if it will ever be one. It is still just a gray hat with one half a monkey ear.I truly just have too many ideas, period.

I’m tired. The cat has decided two  mornings in a row to cough up a furball in the hallway, waking both me and the baby. The night before he walked up and down the hallway meowing. Sometimes I think I’d like to just grant his little kitty-sized wish and let him go outside. But then I think about how much I’d miss him if he never came back.

(That’s an old picture of me hugging the cat. It’s here to remind me that I love him).

Linking up with her for Miscellany Monday


5 thoughts on “Miscenaneous-ness

  1. I love what you’ve done with sticks . . . I do the same thing. I swear the very best home decorations come from outside. One of my favorite things in my house is a basket full of pine cones I picked up on a hike. It’s simple, yet adds a nice little touch in little corner of the house. :-)

    p.s. Cute kitty!

    • actually, the only one of those things I’ve done so far is the candle holder…. the rest were just ideas I found :) But thanks :) I LOVE the idea of finding pinecones!

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