Patches of the Pumpkin-y Kind

Yesterday we went on a hayride…

out to a corn maze…

which led to the actual pumpkin patch where we got to pick our own pumpkins. We found these three, all bunched together like this…

Perfect :)

(yes, my child is barefoot at the farm)

Eli saw a baby cow and, clearer than he has ever said it before, squealed “DOG!”

We told him “no, no, that is a cow. Cow says “Moo, moo”

He thought about it for a while and then said “see sat!” (Which, in Eli language, “see sat” “tee tat” and “kee kat” all mean “kitty cat”).

He puts his fingers on my neck and says “tookul-tookul-tookul-tookul-tookul” (tickle tickle).

This is his new favorite way to view the world.


I love my sweet boy.

Linking up with my name-twin this morning.


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