truly a “sneak peek”

… for it is not finished yet.

I think this might actually be the only time I’ve posted about a project that was halfway through… maybe. And I felt kinda silly about that at first, but oh well! As someone reminded me last week, art is the process :)

I know this picture is a little messy and cluttered, but I just had to use it, simply because I love the little hands that snuck in :)

The sock monkey hat that I had mentioned in this post is under way. I finally found a hat pattern to fit little heads that I liked here. The pattern is for a solid color hat, but that is okay. I am not experienced in switching yarn colors so I think I am just going to use slip stitches to kind of “stitch” on the sock monkey’s face. We’ll see what I decide once I actually get to that point! I tend to change my mind a lot.

… except for about how adorable this guy is :)

Linking up with these lovely ladies.

*Edit: HOW did I end up spelling “sneak” as “sneek” at first? I swear that baby stole half my brain cells 10 months ago…


11 thoughts on “truly a “sneak peek”

  1. That definitely IS an adroable little guy!
    Concerning your question about the book pages: For this particular project I just ripped pages out of a German book that I didn’t like, but at least I can use it for my art… Otherwise, I also buy (old) books in thrift stores specifically for using in my artwork, and I prefer different languages as well. My best find was a Russioa book! And I’m long way beyond feeling guilty for ripping books apart.

  2. I misspelled it a few weeks ago too! Im not sure if I even remembered to edit it either! ha ha (artists can get away with things like that from time to time.)

  3. It is the process! I am so glad you posted your work-in-progress. I have those sorts of posts alot. :) Your little guy is *adorable*. I have done that before too… typing sneek, I think it might be because the word peek right after. Get’s ya mixed up! :)

    • Thank you! :) I LOVE your in progress posts, Jennifer! Even the way you take pictures of your progress is artsy and beautiful.
      I am glad to hear I’m not the only one who has spelled “sneak” as “sneek” haha :) I definitely even took about five minutes to think about it, just to spell it the wrong way!

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