chalkboard paint obsession strikes again

My husband is so good to me, letting me use our home as my canvas :)

Now, along with my chalkboard fridge and chalkboard/whiteboard boards, I now have a chalkboard backsplash! I got the idea from this lovely blogger, here and was simply awestruck by a simple and genius alternative to tile (which I had spent a LOT of time thinking about since before baby boy was born, but never got the guts to start the process).

I love it :)

I used 3 coats of Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint.

please excuse my unclean stove-top

…and cluttered shelf…


6 thoughts on “chalkboard paint obsession strikes again

  1. I was just at the paintstore this morning (our local Home Depot) and was starting the planning for a kitchen remodel…this would be awesome – tho’ it would truly stretch my hubby!!!

    Coming from Studio JRU…blessings on your weekend : )

  2. That is so neat! I have only done a door with chalkboard paint… you are brave to go for the walls. Love it! I love that your husband is ok with the home being your canvas. I have a husband like that too. Really a blessing to a creative heart! :) Thanks so much for joining us ‘in the studio’ this week!

    • That sounds awesome! If you ever do it, please share! I kept telling myself “if we hate it, we can paint over it (or put tile or beadboard over it, as was my original plan!). Yes, it might take primer and many, many coats of paint, but it can be covered :) That first stroke of chalkboard paint on the wall, I must admit, gave me a tiny little sense of panic… but after that I was just proud of myself for actually trying something on the risk that we’d love it :)

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