more chalk(bored)ness

Just to clarify, I’m not bored as in I have nothing to do… more just bored with sameness… more just itching to do something different, something creative, something like take our whiteboards and paint the boring brown backsides of them with chalkboard paint :)

So when we aren’t using our whiteboards for large games of Pictionary…

I can use them for this:

(So our whiteboards weren’t ruined, I used those sticky picture hanging thingys on the back of the whiteboards, and hung the board with a ribbon by a nail in the wall).

To see my first adventure with chalkboard paint, see my Chalkboard Fridge :)


18 thoughts on “more chalk(bored)ness

    • Thanks! It is fun to play around with! I discovered the chalkboard paint sticks well to electrical tape yesterday… I started making some chalkboard-painted electrical-tape labels to put on jars – ha! The change jar in the kitchen is now labeled “Change” … as if it wasn’t obvious enough already what it was for… but I’m having fun :)

  1. thank you for your kind comment on my blog today. It took at least 8 weeks for me to decompress after our 8 weeks in Ecuador. I love your chalkboard paint on the fridge idea. I am thinking I saw contact paper with chalkboard surface. If so, it would be less scary for me, and less fumes to worry about. A question: Blogger has been awful lately. is WordPress easy?

    • Yes I understand about Ecuador. I was only there for a few weeks, but it was hard. It took me a while to kinda of “recover” emotionally from the trip!
      The chalkboard paint itself doesn’t have much of a smell at all. The magnetic paint does, though… that contact paper sounds like a great idea! Is this what you were talking about?

      I love wordpress :) I have used blogger before and personally I like how wordpress works better.

  2. Oh that is so very cool! I love new ideas for old things~
    What a sweet little gift that would make as well~
    Oh dear the ideas are percolating….

  3. I got some chalkboard paint on clearance a few weeks ago and I am just itching to paint something with it! Love that you made your whiteboards hanging, too!

  4. How neat… such a great idea! I love chalkboard paint. The inventor of that paint is a genius! :) Thanks so much for joining us and sharing what kind of creating you are up to! So happy to see you!

  5. I’ve got the chalkboard bug as well so I totally understand your itch to paint your boards ;) I’ve been recycling jars and pringles canisters by painting them with chalk board paint and them filling them with goodies for my family. Have a wonderful week. Fondly, Roberta

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