homemade soy-banana frappuccino

Breakfast today – one piece of whole grain bread with nutella and half a banana (sliced) on top (Eli “ate” the other half of that banana), and a soy-banana frappuccino.

**I recently discovered that it seems my pregnancy triggered more severe milk-intolerance than what I had before. Even lactose-free coffee cream bothers me, so I have switched to using vanilla soy milk in my coffee and have found that I like it just as much if not better – especially since my stomach aches have gone away :)

Soy Banana Frappuccino

(adapted from FreeSpiritFood)

1/2 Cup of espresso (I made mine in my Moka Pot)

1 Cup soy milk

1 frozen banana

2 Cups ice (I like mine extra slushy)

1 squirt chocolate syrup

Put all ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth (or the consistency you like). I added my chocolate syrup as an afterthought, after it was blended, but I am sure that it is just as good when you blend it in. Mine made enough for 2 frapp’s, so I poured the rest into a freezer baggie and it is now waiting in my freezer for me to take it out and blend it up!


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