Sock Tiger

If you were here back in July you might remember this post about a sock tiger I was planning on making for who was then known as “baby” and not Eli.

Well, friends, I must admit that I did not make sock tiger until… well… umm… this week.

He didn’t turn out too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Don’cha  want to cuddle him? I did. Last night. But I did not bring him to cuddle in bed with me (my husband was very thankful for that).

You may notice that Sock Tiger does not have any eyes yet. That is because I want Eli to be able to cuddle his tiger himself before the age at which I won’t be worrying about button swallowing and whatnot. What do you think? Is there a safe way to attach his eyes without needing to worry about rogue buttons?


*Edit: If you would like to make your own Sock Tiger, I would encourage you to check out or buy the book Stray Sock Sewing, Too by Daniel (no, he really doesn’t have a last name on the book… does he even have one?? He has to, right?). I purposely did not put the instructions up here out of love for books and their authors.


9 thoughts on “Sock Tiger

    • Thank you, Tiffini! I’m glad you think it is fine as-is… the thought of those eyes falling off Tiger’s head and into Eli’s mouth is just too stressful a thought!

  1. Isn’t that sock Tiger the cutest thing! I’m sure it will be much loved. If you think you really do want to add eyes, I remember my mom stitching eyes on by hand using darning thread to a much loved bunny who’s eyes fell off.

    • Thank you, Diana! :) I hope he is loved. Stitching eyes on is a good idea… but I have never done that before. It would be a risk… hmm, I shall think about it. Thank you for the idea!

  2. Oh my goodness… he is so cute! What a great job! I was also thinking just use thread and not a button for eye if you wanted… but he is adorable the way he is. :) I am so glad you joined us to share what your creative heart is doing. Love to have you join us again… every Friday on my blog we do these posts! :)

    • Thanks! Perhaps I shall be brave one of these days and try to make eyes out of thread… but I think for now I like him how he is, too :)
      I’d love to join you again! It was so fun looking at everyone’s projects :)

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