Yesterday I decided that I needed to breathe.

To be honest, I got more done yesterday than I have in a while. I’m not bragging. Sadly it still wasn’t much. I folded laundry. I organized the baby’s toys (he will be old enough to enjoy them soon and I wanted them out of boxes and available).  I also put away all of the clothes (that were already folded) of his that do not fit anymore, and made sure they were all in their respectively labeled boxes. That part actually took me several days, but the boxes are finally put back in his closet now.

I love being at home. I don’t even mind being in my home for many days in a row. But after getting all of that done and still seeing piles and stacks and lists and seas of  totally un-categorized, undefinable disorganization… I decided the air in my home was just not cleansing enough, and I needed to go on a walk. Even though it was pretty cold out. Cold enough for the weatherman to predict, with certainty, snow for today.

So I bundled the baby up in layers and a coat and a blankie and we took a walk.

And when I got home, after feeding and cleaning baby and making dinner, I realized that maybe I needed more than to just breath clean, cold air.

And so I created…

And I breathed.

If you are feeling caught up in all the things that you should do, all of the chores and your self-expectations that are simply just never done (unless you are brave enough to do laundry in the nude)… I want to encourage you, no, URGE you to stop and do something that you like. Maybe it’s just something small. Try to make it something you can complete today. And then rest in the fact that God loves you and wants you to be happy… and He feels that way just the same even when you still have 3 more piles of laundry to fold.

*The envelopes I made were from a tutorial by The Knitted Blog


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