Three Month Old Valentine

Eli was exactly three months old on February 14th :)

Exactly three months old, and although that was technically 13 weeks and 1 day, he was also exactly 12 weeks old gestationally. Why does that matter? Well, it doesn’t really, but for some reason I find kid-like delight in coincidences like that :) I mean, what are the odds that 3 months (from birth) and 12 weeks gestationally would come at the exact same time?! Our pastor and friend told us weeks ago “just wait for 12 weeks. Or is it 3 months? Things will start to smooth out then.” I really don’t want my sweet boy to grow fast… I am enjoying every little part of being a mom and watching him become a curious, smart, smiley little boy… but 3 months honestly was a milestone that I was looking forward to arriving at, even if we arrived there slowly :)

I think God just knows how much I enjoy such little things.

Here is my sweet valentine boy…

And an extra picture from yesterday, when we took our first walk because napping just didn’t sound like a fun idea to Eli that afternoon…

… and in case you were wondering, no, he does not fall asleep in the stroller. The world is much too exciting to fall asleep anywhere other than the bassinet these days. It was fun to watch him think about what all the fresh air and chirping birds were all about, though, so while he needed a nap I didn’t mind that he didn’t actually sleep through our walk :)


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