38 weeks – pictures of baby’s room

I think this is my favorite corner of the house right now… (I still need to finish that second book sling… blah).

Kinda hard to see… baby’s swing. It probably won’t stay here, but it’s there for now…

The dresser/changing table… and yes, I realize the changing pad is hanging off the side a little. I’m working on getting it to stay put!

This picture makes everything look cramped. It’s not, I promise. And the bassinet will be moved to our room (and wherever else I am while the baby is sleeping).

We’re likely going to paint that cube thing the same darker gray that is on two of the walls… and that stuff won’t all be inside… but for now this is where the baby monitor is, which you can hardly see. The radio/cd/ipod player thing probably won’t stay in here all the time either. We were using it in here while we were painting…

The quilt that came with the bedding set. I’m thinking it might get hung over the crib, because that wall is looking kinda bare right now!

Oh! So our freezer is getting pretty full. We now also have…

4 mini loaves of banana bread, 4 scones (that might get eaten soon), a batch of pizza dough, 4 batches of pizza sauce, 2 quart-baggies of homemade tomato soup, a baggie of leftover tomato juice, 2 baggies of chili, 4 stuffed peppers, a small baggie of leftover rice, a 8x8in pan of white cheddar mac and cheese, 3 mini loaves of cheeseburger meatloaf…

I think that’s all. I still want to at least make the mango bread, some skillet lasagna, gumbo, chicken-pesto stuffed shells, and chicken and dumplings.


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