37 weeks (full term) :)

Sooo today baby is full term!  That is just crazy! At our appointment last Wednesday the doctor said that she didn’t think he would come until at least 38 weeks, though. We’ll see. If you want to stay in there ’til 40 weeks, baby, it’s okay…

Chris and I used most of our Target gift cards to order some of the things off of our Target registry the other day – the thermometer, a set of crib sheets and a diaper caddy… and yesterday we went to BuyBuyBaby to use Bed Bath and Beyond coupons (’cause they are linked to BuyBuyBaby) to buy a couple more things that were on either our Target or BabiesRUs registries. We got the Boon Frog Pod, and 2 Ultimate Crib Sheets, and a big box baby wipes. Yeah… we went to a totally different store than either of the ones we registered at… but the coupons were nice to use :)

Chris also put one more coat of paint on the top of the tree, moved the glider into the baby’s room, and moved all of the painting supplies out. I cleaned the car seat and put the cover back on, hung the paintings, found a bag to be designated as the hospital bag (though it is not packed yet… how are you supposed to pack your toothpaste and deodorant and PJ’s when you might still need them at home for a few weeks??), and am gathering the last of the things to be washed. The room is basically ready, besides the last book sling to be sewn. I just can’t get myself to do it. Both sewing machines are on the floor and are heavy and the bobbin in my new-er machine needs wound and who knows if I remember how to work it and… I’ll get to it. I must. Because there are empty curtain rod brackets waiting on the wall to hold the book sling and my baby’s books, which are now on the floor.

I have gathered recipes for meals I can freeze. So far I have 3 mini loaves of pumkin bread, 2 quart-size baggies of navy bean soup, and a quart-sized bag of homemade potstickers in the freezer. The rest of our potato-leek soup will be going in a freezer bag (or two) today. I have enough banana’s to make several mini loaves of bread and some scones, and a mango for mango bread :) (I’ll let you know how that works out later)… and plans for a bunch of other things to go in the freezer. The plan is to have the last week of November and most of  December taken care of…

I did a craft completely non-baby related, though :) I’ve been saving toilet paper tubes for who knows how long (and gotten quite a few funny looks from people using my bathroom when they open up the cabinet below the sink to an avalanche of brown paper tubes…).

I am making snowflake ornaments… because our tree last year, although very pretty and wonderful-smelling, only had lights on it last year and ONE ornament… and looked kinda naked… and I already have white acrylic paint from the paintings for baby’s room, so all I needed to buy was a glue gun ($5) and glitter (4 tubes for $2) and my tree will be decorated for a total of $7 this year! :)


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