34 weeks…

… and in 2 days we have another ultrasound :) I forget if I mentioned it before – this ultrasound is to check on growth. The doctor never said that she was concerned about growth… so I’m guessing that it’s just something this particular office does (because I’ve heard that most of the time the 20 week ultrasound is the last, unless there is reason to check on something).

Anyway, who cares? I get to see my baby boy again :)

So, the walls are painted, the tape is all taken off, and the tree is mostly painted (silly top branches that I can not reach!). The closet doors are put back on (we painted the inside of the closet, too), most of the baby clothes are washed (but not put away… I need an organization system. Trying to round up a bunch of paper boxes).

But today… today I discovered that the cat had peed on the boppy… and the boppy was on the bottom shelf of the bassinet, which had a cloth liner in it… and so both things are in the wash and I am just hoping that the pee smell comes out :( Especially out of the boppy itself (which we did not have to buy – it was one of the hand-me-downs from my aunt).

In other, happier news – I made a diaper and wipes case! I wanted to test out the material that the diaper bag will be made of, because my sewing machine is incredibly temperamental. It turns out my sewing machine LOVES the corduroy fabric and did even better when I was sewing through 4 layers of cloth! Yay :)


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