33 weeks

Only 7 weeks to go!

Last week Wednesday we had another appointment. Just a regular check-in. We heard baby’s heartbeat and and doctor decided that she thinks that he is now head down, which means that I really am getting kicked in the ribs, and that lump that keeps appearing on my right side is a cute little baby butt, just as I thought :)

On Tuesday I had an all-day meeting for work (actually at the main building). I got to meet one of my students from last year, which was really neat! After the meetings, my coworkers had a surprise baby shower :) This past Saturday Chris’ parents threw a family shower for us, too.

Chris and I have been sick – Chris started last Monday, and he is much better now. I didn’t get it until Thursday or so, and it seems (I hope) the end of this awful cold might be near. On Saturday I thought my cold was finally going away, but woke up Sunday feeling awful. Apparently not being able to breathe easily was causing me to also sort of sleeptalk (incomprehensibly) early in the morning on Sunday, because Chris woke up and said “you’re making noises. Are you okay?” I nodded and apologized, and went back to sleep. I guess I didn’t stop, though, because Chris said I was still making noises and asked what I was dreaming about. I said “blueberry bread.” And I remember, too. It was very good looking blueberry bread, though I can’t remember whether I even tasted it, and for some reason we were cutting the bread from the side instead of the end. Weird, huh? Well, Chris got up, told me to stay in bed and sleep, and went to the store. He came back with a blueberry muffin and an orange and warm apple cider, told me to eat it when I wanted to, but to stay there. When I got out to the living room he had made chicken noodle soup from scratch. He also bought a puzzle for me, and finished the last coat of paint in the baby’s room. I don’t understand why I am so blessed… I certainly don’t even deserve this life that I am being allowed to live – how could I ever deserve a husband who cares so selflessly for me? Even when I am an emotional (hormonal) and physical mess. The thing is I don’t deserve it and I never could. But I do have a God who loves me for no reason at all except that I am His… and for some reason He is good, SO good that he wants to bless me even though I could never deserve anything good He could give. And He has put a man in my life who reflects that love. It’s only God.


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