32 weeks

I re-drew the tree! Promise. But Chris decided to take the afternoon off, and surprised me by walking in the door just after I had finished it, and then I was distracted from taking a picture to prove it…

The next day we painted the other two walls in the room :) But then we realized that we need to put another coat of paint on… and we probably do not have enough paint left to do so. Hm.

So, 32 weeks.

I also cut out all of the parts that I need to make a diaper bag with this pattern :) Before I sew it together, however, I am going to test my sewing machine’s ability to sew through the corduroy material by making one of these. (I figured I’d be a nice wife, and not make Chris take the entire diaper bag to the men’s bathroom if he ever needed to change the baby in a public place… :) ).

This Wednesday we have yet another appointment. I am beginning to feel like I am always at the doctor’s! It’s worth it (especially to hear his little heartbeat)… just strange feeling. I also start working (volunteering) at the church office this Wednesday. Then on Saturday we are supposed to have a baby shower with Chris’ family. I can’t wait to have things to put together the baby’s room with :)


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