26 weeks (6 months!)

Baby is 26 weeks, or 6 months, along now!

I guess this is the beginning of the third trimester. I definitely feel big… though the scale still says I’ve only gained about 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Strange that last weekend I’d have to wear an altered dress 3 sizes up, but not have gained more than 4 pounds. Physics makes no sense to me.

It is getting much harder to lean forward, bend over, or even simply get up from sitting, and most definitely from laying down. Imagine an ever-inflating balloon has taken the place of your stomach, centered right around your belly button. That balloon is getting more and more in the way of moving comfortably (and gracefully, if I ever could move gracefully). Now imagine that the balloon weighs 4 pounds. Yeah. (And it will get heavier!?)

Our baby boy is still kicking TONS. Pretty much if I am still (or semi-still), he is kicking, rolling, and squirming away in there. It is also very rare now that I don’t see the movement as well as feel it.

Chris put the crib together this past weekend, and baby’s room is slowly looking more and more like a baby might be sleeping in it someday soon. :)


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