Oh… you got me my very own bed!?

So… on Tuesday I had lunch with a friend who sold me her babies’ outgrown bassinet, along with the pads, sheets, and everything else I could ever imagine and never knew a bassinet could come with. Since it has wheels, I succeeded in bringing it into our house and placing it in the baby’s room :) YAY, besides the dresser, this is the only piece of baby furniature that is entirely put together so far! And it came that way (for me anyway)!

A few hours later, I walked back into baby’s room, ’cause, well, I just wanted to look at the bassinet one more time, and found this:

Andre in bassinet

Andre, our fuzzy, moody, adorable, cuddly-only-on-his-terms kitty cat, looking quite comfortable in what he thinks is a new kitty bed for him.

I left him there, knowing that any attempts to try to keep him out of the bassinet were probably going to be futile… and he looked so cute… and we’ll deal with persuading him that it is a bed for the baby and not for him once November comes. More than likely he won’t be thrilled about sharing it with a wiggly, squirmy baby boy anyway.

**Update: After talking with a friend, I learned that orange peels (or clementine peels) keep cats away from areas you don’t want them to be in! So far I haven’t seen Andre in the bassinet or crib again… but I now know what to do. We also learned that there are also these nifty things called crib tents. Who knew?


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