25 weeks

Baby is 25 weeks along today :) Less than a week away from 6 months!

This past weekend was a busy one!

The 6th was my mom’s birthday, the day we got our new-used car, the day of Chris’ brother’s wedding rehearsal AND just so happened to be exactly 3 years since Chris asked me to marry him :)

Chris’ brother got married on Saturday (yay!!) and we were both in the wedding. Thank goodness I got a dress a few sizes too big, and that my mom was able to find someone who would take in the top for me just 2 weeks before, because baby’s really sticking out nowadays! Although… we just realized this past weekend that there were family members who didn’t know that we’re expecting a baby… and wouldn’t have known by looking at me, unless someone told them. Really, I promise, my belly didn’t stick out that far 6 months ago :-P

At one point during the reception, Grandpa Barney called me over to him. He wanted to introduce me to his brother and his wife, whom he didn’t think I had met before. He first introduced me as Christopher’s wife, and then after a bit of poking fun at me (the good kind of fun-poking, and which I wholly expected from him) proudly said “this young lady is going to make me a Great-Grandpa again!” Grandpa’s sister-in-law glanced at me, then back to Grandpa Barney and said “oh, will she someday? That’s nice.” Grandpa looked puzzled and (I hope I didn’t laugh) I pointed to my belly and said “actually I am in the middle of doing so right now!” … and so much of the afternoon went this way, with either Chris or his dad or Grandpa sharing the news and friends’ and family members’ faces twisting into confused expressions, thankfully followed by very happy ones :)

Our baby boy is still moving around a LOT. If there is ever anything pushing against my belly even a little, he kicks it. The other night, no matter which side I laid on, baby kicked me on that side. I love the movement, though, and we can see him moving around more and more :)

The only downside lately is heartburn, I guess. I swear even cinnamon causes it, which is sad :( because I love chai tea and honey-cinnamon lattes, and adding cinnamon when I bake.


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