24 weeks

Yes, I skipped 23 weeks, but I have a good reason. We left on the 23rd to go to Illinois, so we could leave on the 24th for Wisconsin, to spend a week there. We got back yesterday.

Except our trip wasn’t that simple…

Long story short, my car died on 290 in Chicago, in a lot of rain, very very late at night. We thought we revived it the next day, but it died again on our test run, in an Oberweis Dairy parking lot. So we left in my brother’s truck the next day for Wisconsin, decided that God was telling us that my car was the car to go, and that it had to go now (we were going to replace Chris’ truck soon with a new-used car), RELAXED at my family’s cabin for about a week, and then drove back with my brother to Illinois, then to Ohio. He just left to go back to Illinois, and left my well tuckered-out and napping puppy dog with me (much to my delight – I’m tired too!)

We brought back tons of baby stuff from my aunt and uncle in Wisconsin, including a crib, stroller, carseat, baby bjorn, clothes, swings, tub and a couple toys!  :) Yay!

Okay, so 24 weeks…

In 2 days we have another appointment – just a check-up. I have a feeling the doctor might tell me “no more 14 hour one-way two-day car trips.” Baby went through a growth spurt last week for sure, and I have a custom-made maternity bridesmaid dress to wear for Chris’ brother’s wedding this Saturday.

Also school starts again soon… but not yet. I intend to enjoy every free day I have left to the summer.


August 5th, 2010

Baby appointment went well yesterday – still measuring right on time! We listened to baby’s heartbeat (and kicks – he doesn’t seem to like the doppler pushing against me!)

August 5th


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