22 weeks

It is very weird to think that baby is 22 weeks along already… crazy!

Not much to update on this week… except that maybe… maybe my aversion to chicken is over. I dunno. I’ve gone from not being able to eat it at all, to realizing that chicken nuggets are okay (but they don’t seem like real chicken… and only with lots of sweet and sour sauce), to being able to eat half a chicken salad sandwich once (with LOTS of grapes and other stuff in it), to being able to eat my brother-in-law’s special recipe for chicken wings on the 4th, to being able to eat fried chicken (with all of the yummy fried fat pulled off) this past weekend. But my husband’s new favorite fast food place, Cane’s, sounds awful, and I still can’t cook chicken without the smell making me feel sick :( Weird.

Okay, enough of the chicken story that you really didn’t want to hear anyway :)

Our baby boy has been moving around a LOT! The other day we even saw him kick! Oh and I got about 50 baby clothes items for only $13 thanks to a friend of mine :) There is finally something baby-related in the nursery!

Sleep is kind of an on-and-off thing… one night I’ll sleep fine (besides the 4 trips to the bathroom), the next I’ll barely sleep. No matter what, though, I typically wake up with achy hips, knees, and shoulders… so one of my friends has probably convinced me to buy a body pillow – but not that kind that wraps all the way around you… just a normal one. And Bed Bath and Beyond has them for only $9.99! Yay!


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