21 weeks

Today baby is 21 weeks along :)

He has been kicking a lot lately! So much so that when I do not feel him move for a few hours I start to worry (but he always starts up again soon after). Now that I know that baby was breached at the ultrasound last week – his feet down and to the left, his head up and to the right – it’s kind of funny to know exactly how he must be positioned when he is kicking! I almost always felt his kicks on my left side, but I feel it on the right side just as often. He must move around a lot!

On a completely unrelated note, my friend had her wedding this past Friday :) The sun came out just in time for the outdoor ceremony! But anyway, I got to dance with my husband, which was lots of fun :) I’m not very good at dancing at all, and I am even more clumsy now than I was before, and kept tripping over my own feet. Chris just laughed and said “trust me.”

So all of that reminded me of something Chris sent to me during our freshman year of college called Dancing With God. (You can click on that to read it).

I wasn’t trying to lead when we were dancing, but I found myself acutely aware that we were dancing very near to the photographer and her expensive camera, and I kept glancing around us to see where she was. While doing this I noticed that whenever I looked away from Chris’ face to see where the photographer was, and my eyes saw the swirling room behind him, I got dizzy. As soon as I looked back at him, the feeling went away and I just felt safe and happy. That isn’t exactly what the “Dancing With God” thing was talking about, but it still applies – when we are looking to God, maybe everything around us doesn’t make a whole lot of sense all of the time, and we can’t see exactly where we are going, but He does and when we trust Him, He can give us peace. When we look away, trying to see what is going on around us, it is overwhelming and confusing, and we trip over our own feet even more.


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