19 weeks

First of all, Chris found out on Monday that he got a promotion! :) I am SO proud of him :)

After a few too many days of refusing to kick hard enough for me to really feel it, baby made up for it a LOT Sunday and Monday! Chris even felt baby kick for the first time :) … and worship music at church and drinking a white-chocolate caramel latte whilst watching the World Cup seems to help too :) I only seem to feel the kicks very very low lately… which explains the 4 trips to the bathroom I’ve been making in the middle of the night!

We finally got the room that will be the nursery cleared out and the carpet deep-cleaned of all kitty litter messes from Andre (thanks to my awesome brothers and mom), but Andre doesn’t seem to understand why suddenly his belongings have been shifted around. (Andre is our cat, for those of you who did not know! Don’t want you to be sitting there too confused :) Although I’d hope the kitty litter would have given it away :) ). Now just to wait to find out whether our little one is a boy or girl, and then I can start being creative!

Our next appointment is next week… :)


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