18 weeks :)

If it seems like I’m posting too soon after the 17 week update, it’s because I got behind :( Trying to stay caught up now!

Baby is 18 weeks today. Not much is different from last week. I still feel baby move every once in a while, but not as often as I want to – ha. Normal clothes don’t fit right (but I can still button my pants! At least one pair anyway), but the maternity clothes that were passed down to me are still way too big.

We celebrated Father’s Day with vanilla caramel drumsticks and pizza and watching a SciFi tv show on Netflix after Chris went golfing with his dad and brother :)

On another, non-baby-related note… I am trying to make plans to create a tile backsplash in our kitchen (because I am way too messy of a cook/dishwasher and scrubbing the walls every day – and imagining the paint on that wall getting thinner and thinner – is getting annoying). Maybe if it turns out okay and I’m excited enough about its outcome, I’ll post pictures when it’s done :)


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