baby :)

Since I am already 16 weeks along (as of today!), I’ll do my best to recap the adventures of baby so far :)

In March Chris and I found out we’re having a baby :) Hooray! According to my own calculations and the doctor’s expertise, baby is due on November 22nd, 2o1o – just a few days before Thanksgiving (sorry, no big travel plans for us this year).

At my 9-week appointment, we had an ultrasound and got to see baby’s heartbeat flickering SO fast on the screen!

At my 13-week appointment, we heard baby’s heartbeat. The doppler kept picking up my heartbeat in the background (I guess I was too excited…), so the doctor had to count baby’s heartbeats herself to determine 160-170 beats per minute! So fast.

Morning-, afternoon- and night-sickness, which lasted from week 6-13, seems to be gone as long as I eat regularly. Headaches took their place and lasted for straight 2 weeks, to which the nurse encouraged me to take up drinking coffee again (something I haven’t done in 4 months). Baby seemed to go through a growth spurt at week 15! The stretching pains hurt, but I felt baby move! :)

This picture is at 14 weeks.

So today baby is 16 weeks along, and after a really busy weekend I am exhausted and hurting :( Taking it extra slow today.

Our next appointment is next week. Will update again then :)


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